Monday, October 27, 2014

Think about what you say before you say it!

Here we are, it's October 2014 and it's breast cancer awareness month! I thought this was the perfect time to share what I feel is a very important point. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I often found when the topic of cancer came up whether I mentioned it or a client/friend etc. asked about it, the conversation more often than not went right to the other person sharing with me their story about how their relative, friend, or a friend of a friend died this horrible death from cancer.  I understand it's quite natural for people in general to be more interested in discussing their own experiences however, those who are currently or have previously battled cancer need to hear stories of survival rather than stories of doom and gloom.  So the next time someone tells you they have cancer, please pause and listen...then think of a survival story that you can share.  I guarantee you, the person battling cancer that you are sharing your story of survival with will hang on to every word you said...hope.


  1. Well said. My sister is a survivor too.

  2. Thank you Linda. Many blessings and much love to your sister :)